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Killing Weeds
Dandelion Recipes
Plantain Recipes
Mowing Mowing Lawns
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Organic Lawn Care Made Easy

Lawn Care Made Easy...Naturally

Our guide to organic lawn care is a collection of thoughtfully put together information that we have gleaned over our ten plus years in the lawncare industry.

It's designed to bring you what we consider to be the most helpful strategies in organic lawn maintenance for the "do it yourselfer".

We've even included tips and advice in what to look for when hiring a lawncare company, should the need arise.


Hi there! We're Jim and Jill Carty, and we're excited to be able to share our hands on experience and hard won knowledge with you.

Jim and I have worked together in our family owned and operated lawn care company for over 10 years in Peterborough and the Kawarthas of Ontario, Canada.

We've treated thousands of lawns over the years and stood the test of many changes in our industry as it has evolved to the now totally pesticide free status as a result of recent legislation.

Our company has always been a leader in the organic lawn care industry, so adapting to these changes has been an easier transition for us than for some.

What's In The Guide?

You'll find our guide separates fact from fiction, and is written in an understandable format complete with photos and videos that will equip you with all you'll need to know about safe, natural, organic lawn care applications.

Don't Panic!

For those of you used to traditional methods of lawn maintenance, we'll introduce you to a new way to think about your lawn as you learn how to eliminate weeds and lawn pests organically.

As a homeowner used to having access to traditional pesticides to treat lawn weeds, crabgrass, white grubs and chinch bugs, you might be asking yourself....what now?!

Really...don't panic!

We're here to help. With a little common sense and some hard work on your part, our organic lawncare guide filled with tips and techniques on our part, we can partner along the way to a beautiful, lush, organic lawn for you to enjoy with family and friends.

Organic Lawn Care Blog
The Organic Lawn Care Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the organic-lawn-care-guide.com website.

Lawn Maintenance Schedule
Our seasonally divided lawn maintenance schedule provides a one page overview reminder of when to do what to your lawn.

Spring Lawn Care
It's time for the spring lawn care regime. Get tips and advice on the right garden rake and general spring clean up techniques.

Summer Lawn Care
Our summer lawn care tips give you the advice you'll need to adjust to the hot, dry, conditions of summer and how they affect your lawncare maintenance.

Soil Evaluation
Soil evaluation is the first step in the process of having a healthy lawn.

Lawn Soil Preparation
The first step to a healthy lawn is the lawn soil preparation itself. A good foundation means years of easier lawn maintenance.

Lawn Aeration
Lawn aeration is one of the healthiest things you can do for your lawn. By removing small cores of soil you help reduce soil compaction and promote root growth for healthier grass.

Lawn Dethatching
A lawn dethatching is a corrective measure taken to bring an unhealthy lawn with an excessive thatch layer back into balance.

Lawn Rolling
Lawn rolling fits into a spring lawn maintenance schedule when trying to remove bumps in your lawn.

Nature's own 100% organic weed inhibitor, corngluten, prevents seed germination of many lawn weeds.

Identify Lawn Weeds
Learning how to correctly identify lawn weeds is a key step to establishing a healthy lawn.

Killing Weeds
Killing weeds organically can be done. Here are some great strategies for getting the job done.

Dandelion Recipes
Dandelion recipes for you to try and enjoy. If you can't beat them on your lawn, you could try eating them instead.

Plantain Recipes
Here's an interesting collection of plantain recipes to try for both medicinal use as well as something different from the kitchen.

Mowing Lawns
Mowing lawns has a major impact on the quality of your home lawn. Proper mowing techniques and practices are important.

Lawnmower Maintenance
Basic lawnmower maintenance tips for your spring start up and throughout the season.

Mower Blade Sharpening
Proper mower blade sharpening is a key component to maintaining a healthy lawn.

Watering Grass
What should you know about watering grass? Actually, quite a bit can be said about proper watering techniques.

When To Water
Knowing when to water your lawn is key to good lawn care maintenance.

Watering Techniques
We've put together some watering techniques to guide you through the lawn watering process.

Water Saving Tips
Here are some significant water saving tips you can apply in your yard and garden as an individual homeowner.

Dog Spots
Learn how to repair dog spots on your lawn left from dog urine.

Salt Damage
As the snow disappears for another season, we see salt damage on the lawns in spring.

Snow Mold
Winter snow cover can be hard on our lawns, leaving unexpected damage like snow mold.

Repairing Lawns
Repairing lawns can mean the basic leveling of lawn bumps and depressions to a complete overhaul from more severe damage.

Lawn Maintenance Companies
Lawn maintenance companies will offer a wide range of services, so it's important that you decide what you specifically want from lawncare companies from the start of your research.

Lawn And Garden Resources
Lawn and garden resources for do it yourself home maintenance.

Site Policies
Site Policies for the organic-lawn-care-guide.com website, including our Privacy Policies and Terms of Use.

Contact Us
Contact Us by email using our handy contact form.

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